Live Broadcast of Observation Sessions

An observationOne presentation:

Like Tom Cruise Loves Running
by Mike Czuba
2020 September 16-19, performances nightly at 7pm MDT

Val Duncan – Morgan
Trevor Loman – Parker
Donna Ng – Charlie

Mike Czuba – Writer, Director of Film and Performance – Dancing Monkey Labs
Tim Nguyen – Director of Cinematography – Tim Nguyen Co.
Wil Knoll – Director of Film and Technology – unit2

With Funding from the Rozsa Foundation’s Online Programming Grant in partnership with Calgary Arts Development and the Calgary Foundation.

Music and Sound – David Burnett and Steve J. Evanik
With thanks – Melissa Tuplin, Michelle Brandenburg and Lonni Olson

This experimental project is designed to investigate how a theatrical play, the performers within it, can be re-imagined within a digital world, to ask different questions of ourselves as artists, our disciplines and, offer possible solutions in a finished, presented work.

In our current reality, there are many attempts to move what is essentially a live, in-person experience, and bring it into the digital sphere. Watching plays that are simply ‘filmed’ can be interesting, but there always seems to be something missing, they feel disconnected, and the production value of the actual filming is severely lacking unless you’re a giant play house. And, in the end, they are just plays that are filmed, nothing re-imagined, the technology is not being maximized or used to create anything new.

Our research requires a large sample size of reaction and response. As we get closer to the end of this phase of research and testing, we ask that you share this post widely.

*We have taken every precaution to make sure our research lab is safe and clean for the actors and artists involved.